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MI Studios New Haven, CT

Musical Intervention stands as a beacon of hope and healing, bridging the gap for fringe communities and individuals navigating the challenging path of recovery and linking them to a broader circle of people from all walks of life. Nestled in the heart of downtown New Haven, our drug-and-alcohol-free studio is more than a creative space; it’s a sanctuary that champions “Engagement Programming.” Here, individuals can not only write, professionally record, and perform original music but also rediscover their self-worth, aspirations, and dreams throughout the recovery journey.



Our Begining

Our public studio journey began in December 2015. where we transformed a mere grant project into a haven for those experiencing homelessness. Partnering with Project Storefront, we showcased our capabilities in the heart of New Haven. Explore the testament to our success in the advertisement, Here is the Documentry of Inspired People which was captured the moments just before we got the Keys to A Dream.

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World Record Attemp 

Not confined to our studio, we’ve orchestrated large-scale events, like the heartwarming spectacle of over 100 people coming together to sing “Lean on Me.” 

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Pop-Up Studios – NYC

There’s Nothing like the big Apple! We were offered a storefront in the famed Greenwich Village for three months to provide a musical intervention to one of the greatest city in the world. CHICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE






Pop-Up Studios Bonnaroo

One of the largest music festivals in the USA, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is located in Manchester Tennessee. We set up an open JAM/ OPEN MIC in the heart of the festival, center roo. Beautiful collaborations ensued. 


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