We envision a world in which all people are empowered to use their creativity and self-expression to better their lives and the lives of others.


Our mission is to help people write, record, and perform original music to promote empathy, transform lives, and inspire the world one song at a time.


We believe that every single person has something unique and valuable to contribute to others and that it is in this act of service that we find our highest calling and can have a lasting impact on our communities and world.

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Adam was ECMH Keynote Speaker at 2020 Online ECMH Conference and again, with Jeremiah Brown, at 10th European Conference on Mental Health in Lisbon, Portugal in 2022. Both of these Keynotes raised a lot of attention, questions and emotions. In Lisbon, their Keynote was a wonderful start for the whole conference and the atmosphere they created lasted during the whole conference.

Based on our evaluations and feedback, it is obvious that Musical Intervention is potential method to improve mental wellbeing and mental health among different communities in different countries. We are committed to share the idea of Musical Intervention in our global networks.

Finally, we are deeply grateful for the good and warm collaboration we have with Musical Intervention, we do our best that it can continue also in the future. Our values at ECMH are Equality, Friendliness, Trustworthiness and Joy. Musical Intervention fits perfectly in ECMH Family by showing in practice how these values can come true in a global learning and education event.

Liisa Kallio

Chair of Organizing Committee
European Conference on Mental Health 

“In Musical Intervention, Adam has created a powerful outlet for unharnessed creativity. It transforms people who can sometimes find working together with others to be daunting, and who may lack self-confidence. Music, and Adam’s approach to it, is infectious, uplifting, and unifying. His program is changing lives, and enriching our community, by reaching people who can find it hard to participate and helping them redefine themselves and their purpose. This is not just a promising luxury, it is essential and already successful. I can’t wait to watch it grow.”


Philip Corlett, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at Yale University

“I would like to endorse this program.  It has potential cognitive, interpersonal and intrapsychic benefit. People develop their own songs and participate in sharing their songs (and stories ) with others.  It is not only social but in my view provides a kind of narrative therapy.  I also think rhythm and song is good for the brain. I leave it to you all to discuss possibilities.”

Morris Bell, PhD

 Yale School of Medicine; Senior Research Career Scientist Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Rehab R&D;