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The MI Story

Musical Intervention (MI) is the brainchild of Adam Christoferson. Using his challenging experiences in life to motivate a healing movement though the arts, Musical Intervention was born. Through his work in inpatient-psychiatric hospitals, addiction treatment programs and school systems, Adam saw the need for people to connect with a broader community in a safe and productive way. 

The dream (MI Studios) was realized 15 years after its conception. It had provided a safe haven and sober creative-collaborative space two hundreds of incredibly diverse people. He has presented at international symposiums, A TedX Talk and continues to consult with agencies around the world on this beautiful  and inclusive program….

Learn More about MI Studios Watch Adam’s TEDx Talk


Mobile Studio 

We come to you and facilitate a variety of music creation groups. 


MI Event (International Make Music Day) in 2018 where 100 people came together and each sang one line of Bill Withers’ Lean On Me 

MI Studios 

We provide everything: recording, live stage, lessons, videos etc. 


MI Studios is open to the public, free of charge, throughout the week thanks in part to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.


We collaborate with agencies to measure impact of the arts.


In partnership with Dr. Philip Corlett’s Belief Lab, and Yale’s PRCH, we were awarded a NIH grant to study our program’s impact on hallucinations. 

Featured Video –
 Emmy Award Winning – NBC

Mental health has been at the forefront of concerns in our country lately. Research shows that the widespread disruption in our lives has led to an uptick in reports of anxiety and depression in both children and adults. At the same time, the pandemic has made it harder for our most vulnerable communities to access the care they need. Awarded at the 45th New England Emmy Awards for societal concerns long-form content.

Our Team 

Kevin O’brien 

Music Director / Facilitator

“I believe that music deserves to be heard wether you’re born with it or not.”

Dom Degennaro

Recovery Supprot  
Group Facilitator 

“Music is the universal language, it transcends all barriers.”


Founder / CEO

“I believe there is a song in everyone waiting to come out”