Our Vision

A world in which people are empowered to use their creativity and self expression to better their lives and the lives of others. 

Our Mission

To promote empathy, transform lives and inspire the world one song at a time. 

Our Passion

To provide the platform for people to write, record, perform and releasee original music. 


OUR History 

a vision, a direction, a cause, a way



17 year old Adam Christoferson meets local politicians to talk about his Cafe Cave Performing Arts Center idea.  


Make A Decision

Adam choses to pursue higher education at Southern Connecticut State University. Ultimately finding Recreation Therapy. 2008 Begins work at Yale Child Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital. His music facilitation work on the unit is presented at the World Congress of Adolescence and Child Psychiatry. 


Musical Intervention 

Musical Intervention is penned in a final report and becomes the trademark for Adam Christoferson’s work. Musical Intervention begins independently working with a variety of populations.



Musical Intervention receives State funding through the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in 2018. 


National and International Collaborations

 Co-creates international collaboration  and consulting Music Beyond All Borders.

Receives National Institute of Health research funding with Dr. Phillip Corlett at Yale University

37th Annual Arts Council of Greater New Haven Award for “Creative Ecosystem”


“Musical Intervention says people are creative whether they are homeless, have a mental illness, or another dis-ability, or not; that music is a special language which is not so much therapeutic as life-giving; and that people with talent should be recognized and remunerated, when possible, for the creative work they do. Adam Christoferson and company, located in a storefront wedged into a parking garage in the small city of New Haven, have a great idea.”

Michael Rowe, PhD Professor; Co-Director, Program for Recovery and Community Health; Principal Investigator, CMHC Citizenship Project

Adam was ECMH Keynote Speaker at 2020 Online ECMH Conference and again, with Jeremiah Brown, at 10th European Conference on Mental Health in Lisbon, Portugal in 2022. Both of these Keynotes raised a lot of attention, questions and emotions. In Lisbon, their Keynote was a wonderful start for the whole conference and the atmosphere they created lasted during the whole conference.

Based on our evaluations and feedback, it is obvious that Musical Intervention is potential method to improve mental wellbeing and mental health among different communities in different countries. We are committed to share the idea of Musical Intervention in our global networks.”

Liisa Kallio
Chair of Organizing Committee European Conference on Mental Health www.ecmh.eu

Media Coverage 





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The. American. Song. Van.

Our vision cast is to travel the United States and record the hearts, minds, and stories of people from all walks of life and recovery. So many voices are unheard due to lack of opportunity to access the healing platform that Musical Intervention provides. We want to change that. Help us get there by supporting this vision of making Musical Intervention mobile and reaching communities throughout the country.