Volunteering at Musical Intervention

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Current Volunteer Positions


Volunteer Manager

Time Frame: 6 Months / Weekly Time Commitment: 10-15 hours

General Description:

The Volunteer Manager supervises volunteers and provides direction, coordination, and consultation for all volunteer functions within the Musical Intervention Headquarters in order to strengthen our programs and advance the mission to “spread empathy, transform lives, and inspire the world one song at a time.”

Duties and Responsibilities

o   Develop, promote, and maintain a wide range of volunteer opportunities within the organization

o   Be in communication with staff to assess needs for volunteer positions

o   Coordinate volunteers to support the various areas of operations, including daily operations, rehearsals/auditions, MI special events and workshops, open mic nights, artist development, and marketing/communications, artist showcases

o   Recommend the most efficient use of volunteers, appropriate volunteer/supervisory mix, and future workforce needs to support volunteer program operations

o   Conduct and/or arrange for volunteer orientation and training

o   Schedule all volunteer specific activities, including information sessions and orientations, weekly meetings, team building activities

o  Develop and manage volunteer resources policies, procedures, and standards of volunteer service

o   Evaluate all aspects of volunteer programs to ensure effectiveness and to recommend/implement changes as appropriate

o   Maintain accurate records and activity reports on volunteer participation

o   Assist with interviews and placement for volunteer service

o   Provide ongoing support and guidance for volunteers

o   Confer with volunteers to resolve grievances and promote cooperation


  • Drug free
  • Familiarity with issues surrounding mental health, homeless, addiction recovery
  • Previous experience managing and/or coordinating a volunteer team
  • Ability to interact with the public and participants
  • Strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Empathetic approach to conflict resolution

Additional Qualifications:

  • Comfortable with being flexible and working with a variety of people, personalities, and backgrounds