Who & How We Serve

Musical Intervention has served:

We Come To You.

Our mobile recording studio enables us to travel throughout the state to serve your clients. Musical Intervention has been traveling to after-school programs, inpatient clinal settings, outpatient facilities and community based programs for over 15 years to help people create music. We are typically able to handle groups of up to fifteen people. Each facility has different goals they seek for their participants and use Musical Intervention to assist in these efforts.


Come To Our Headquarters.

Musical Intervention Headquarters is located at 23 Temple Street New Haven, CT. We pride ourselves on being a safe community music center free from drugs and alcohol. We are open to the public throughout the week.  People from all walks of life come to connect musically and to contribute to one another’s growth and opportunities. We have weekly Open Mics, Thursdays 6-930PM. We also have various workshops throughout the week that are open to the public.

How we serve.

Musical Intervention facilitators are skilled and compassionate. The model that we use was developed at Yale Child Psychiatric Inpatient Services by Musical Intervention’s founder Adam Christoferson. Adam developed this songwriting intervention to help clients express themselves in a unique way that also has the ability to inspire the participants and an audience. We believe that anyone can be a songwriter with the help of skilled and compassionate facilitators. We draw songs out of people in individual and group session. Most people say they only sing in the shower until they work with us. Once they hear themselves though our professional audio recording equipment and skilled engineers, a star is born! Sessions are broken into songwriting and recording groups. We also help develop talent that is eager to perform for an audience. After a few sessions with Musical Intervention, our participants leave with an original song, audio recording, and a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence! We work with inpatient and out-patient facilities with individuals and groups. If this interests you, please reach out to us below.

MI Endorsements.

“Adam’s musical gift and easy-going personality allow him to connect to children within seconds. His contributions to therapeutic team work are resonant, powerful, eagerly anticipated and invariably enjoyed.” Andres Martin, M.D., M.P.H. Editor-in-chief Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescence Psychiatry

“We are so grateful to Adam and all that he brings to the students at Cedarhurst.  They are enthusiastic to learn more about themselves through music. He allows them the opportunity to explore what is inside and to express themselves without fear.  We can’t wait for the next performance!!” Mary E. “Betsy” Donovan, Director Cedarhurst School

“I really appreciate having the opportunity to focus on my own music but also to feel encouraged to work as a team and in a group.  I was given access to professional equipment and to test what it’s like in a professional environment – to have the full experience.” Ellie (Participant)


“It made me realize I can do anything, see anything I want.  I don’t have to be shy about it.  It helps me express myself is so many ways.  Thank you, Adam.” Fiona (Participant)

“I have found my voice.” Rubi (Participant)

“I couldn’t be more delighted with the growing collaboration between CMHC and Musical Intervention..” Robert A Cole Lecturer in Psychiatry; Chief Operating Officer, Connecticut Mental Health Center

“Musical Intervention says people are creative whether they are homeless, have a mental illness, or another dis-ability, or not; that music is a special language which is not so much therapeutic as life-giving; and that people with talent should be recognized and remunerated, when possible, for the creative work they do. Adam Christoferson and company, located in a storefront wedged into a parking garage in the small city of New Haven, have a great idea.” Michael Rowe, PhD Professor; Co-Director, Program for Recovery and Community Health; Principal Investigator, CMHC Citizenship Project