Join the movement

We have so many opportunities to help you serve. 

We provide the platform for you to use your skills in music or business to make the world a better place. There are so many people that can grow from what you know. Vise-versa, there is so much we can learn from others when we aim to connect. So, wether you are a pro musician or can’t play a lick, we have a place for you at Musical Intervention.




Ongoing Fundraiser for the Musical Intervention Headquarters

Welcome to the movement that is Musical Intervention.

Musical Intervention Headquarters is a drug and alcohol free, music, and art space that is open to the public. People gather to be inspired by one another’s talents and support. We host weekly Open Mic Nights that are open to all ages and personalities to share their talents. The Headquarters is also an educational space. We provide music and holistic workshops, special performances, and volunteer opportunities. Our professional sound stage and equipment is perfect for rehearsals, live recordings, and hall rental. At our 23 hundred square foot location, we have ample practice space and a private recording studio. It is truly a musician’s paradise.




Coffee for a Purpose

Sublet MIHQ for your coffee shop.  

For everyone who has ever asked for a cup-a-joe at the Musical Intervention Headquarters–your voice has been heard loud and clear.

We have been wanting to utilize our cafe area to better provide for the Musical Intervention community and surrounding area but we have a dilemma. We LOVE coffee but we DO music.

So this is our official announcement: We are looking for a special type of organization or individual who LOVES music and DOES coffee.


Who are we looking for?

  • An established coffee shop looking for another branch OR a start-up coffee shop looking to nest within an established business
  • A business OR nonprofit that
    • Has a demonstrated commitment to the vision and mission of Musical
    • Is committed to providing affordably priced & quality coffee to the community
    • Demonstrates a commitment to jobs training among the populations we serve