Wish List

Thank you!

We have been able to achieve so much with a shoe-string budget. There is so much more we could be doing with the right tools. We are hoping that our supporters would help invest in our dedicated volunteers and our Musical Intervention’s tool chest this holiday season. Please email us for more information on ways you can support Musical Intervention and its important services to society. Donations can be mailed to our headquarters at 23 Temple Street New Haven, CT 06510, make checks payable to Musical Intervention or donate on our GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/miheadquarters  Thank you so much for your contribution as we look forward to 2017!

Headquarter Wish List

Apple IMac $2,000
Video surveillance $1,000
Guitar Strings $200

Volunteers’ Wish List




Louis is our house drummer. He dedicates his time to be at Musical Intervention Tuesday though Saturday 1-4PM to keep the beat for anyone interested in playing on our stage. He also runs a drum workshop every Friday from 4-5PM.





Poonsri has been with Musical Intervention for over a year. She has a keen ability to cheer people up with her infectious optimism. She loves singing and writing songs. When asked what she wanted she replied “not sure, but boots sound good.”



Amen RA

Amen Ra is our resident artists. He has helped decorate and beautify our headquarters since we’ve been open. He has an innate ability to create timeless masterpieces. This holiday season, he would like acrylic oils and an easel.




Tina has come to Musical Intervention every day for months. She says that it helps her while she receives chemo therapy. She sings beautifully and is part of many of the house bands that perform weekly at MI. This holiday season, Tina would like warm boots and a little recording device or phone to document her songs.





Giovanni has recently become our Manager of Headquarters Operations. He has been a trustworthy and reliable partner since the beginning. Giovanni is considered second in command at the headquarters and without him much of our success would not be possible. This holiday Giovanni asked for “a Gibson SG Special or I’ll settle for a coat rack.”