“Musical Intervention says people are creative whether they are homeless, have a mental illness, or another dis-ability, or not; that music is a special language which is not so much therapeutic as life-giving; and that people with talent should be recognized and remunerated, when possible, for the creative work they do. Adam Christoferson and company, located in a storefront wedged into a parking garage in the small city of New Haven, have a great idea.”

Michael Rowe, PhD Professor; Co-Director, Program for Recovery and Community Health; Principal Investigator, CMHC Citizenship Project

“I couldn’t be more delighted with the growing collaboration between CMHC and Musical Intervention..”

Robert A Cole Lecturer in Psychiatry; Chief Operating Officer, Connecticut Mental Health Center

“We are so grateful to Adam and all that he brings to the students at Cedarhurst.  They are enthusiastic to learn more about themselves through music. He allows them the opportunity to explore what is inside and to express themselves without fear.  We can’t wait for the next performance!!”

Mary E. “Betsy” Donovan, Director Cedarhurst School ; Yale School of Medicine

“I have seen the difference made by Musical Intervention in the lives of men and women who are homeless. The music connects people to one another and to the Musical Intervention team so engagement on many fronts increases. Expression and performance build self worth and Musical Intervention has increased motivation for the clients that I have observed.”

John Bradley, Executive Director Liberty Community Services